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There are plenty of GameStop-stock-explainers floating around, but not a lot of focus on players besides r/WallStreetBets and Melvin Capital, respectively the proletariat and bourgeoisie in this story. Check out other explainers if you want to understand Melvin’s sins and the mechanism by which WSB punished them, because that part of the story makes for some good schadenfreude.

Beyond the celebration, I see two main takes coming out of all this: one says this is a victory of free-market capitalism, and the other a victory of socialist collectivism. The former paints this as a kind of libertarian justice fantasy where…

Amy Coney Barret, RBG’s replacement who is currently avoiding saying anything meaningful in her confirmation hearings, is a judicial “originalist.” What does that mean?

The idea is that when interpreting the Constitution, the authors’ original intent is what really matters. Hence originalism. The problem is that other interpretations don’t really disagree with that, they just take a higher-level view of the spirit of the law. Originalists instead fetishize the concept, focusing exclusively on the most narrow, most concrete details accessible to the founders at the time of writing. The result is that originalism entirely avoids anything related to living people…

A few days ago, TruthDig published an opinion piece by Chris Hedges called The Problem With Impeachment. It nicely summarizes a lot of the arguments I’ve seen from left-leaning folks who still oppose impeachment, including where those arguments go awry.

Hedges opens by severely mischaracterizing the argument for impeachment. He presents a list of very serious problems in the country, sarcastically implying that impeachment is meant to save us from all of them in one fell swoop. No serious person believes that. Trump is indeed only a symptom of a larger disease, but impeachment is as much treatment and prevention…

This piece has been making the rounds lately, appealing equally to hardcore Trump supporters and, more dangerously, people who just can’t bring themselves to believe that things are as terrible as they hear. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than I is furiously composing an educational multi-part Twitter response, but these points are important enough to address that I wanted to put something out now. Here are the “myths” that Ben claims to dispel.

1. Trump Created Separation Of Children From Illegal Immigrant Parents. First, no one with any credibility is making this claim as Ben states it. It’s entirely true…


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